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Family Features has a specialised skill in turning your home media into a masterpiece.

We all have a treasure trove stored away somewhere, but most of us are totally unaware. Be it a chaptered dvd of the past 15 years, a 5-minute tribute film to spice up that special speech, or a short film of a recent sabbatical or holiday...the possibilities are limitless and we make it as effortless for you as could be possible.

Archive Revival

We take your old cine films and slides from a forgotten age and turn them into a revived media archive.  We provide  restoration work along the way, to give the best possible results.

Add to that the option of a Voice Over to really help preserve your heritage. We first compile an edit of your archive then come to your home with the edit on a DVD and sound recording kit. In the comfort and relaxation of your own home you can give context to your recorded stories.  Make good use of what you have and let Family Features help you achieve it.

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If you could like to discuss an idea for a film about your family please call or email